Xindan Wang

Principal Investigator

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School
  • D.Phil., University of Oxford

I am a biologist fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the microscopic world. To a large degree, cells are like tiny black boxes. We are groping in an area that has not yet been fully illuminated. I hope I can let in a thin beam of light to penetrate the box. I am doing my best.

Qin Liao

Graduate Student

  • M.Sc., China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
  • B.Sc., Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha, China

I am a graduate student in GCDB program. Inside the lab, I study chromosome dynamics during bacterial growth and development. Specifically, I work on visualizing the three-dimensional world inside bacterial cells in which we can see how proteins work to fold the chromosome. Outside the lab, I enjoying reading, painting and LEGOing!

Warren Zhongqing Ren

Graduate Student

  • B.Sc., Shandong University, China

I am a graduate student in the GCDB program. I became interested in chromosome biology because chromosomes provide the blueprint for all life. Inside the lab, I study chromosome folding and dynamics using Bacillus subtilis as a model organism. Specifically, I am looking into how the SMC condensin complex contributes to chromosome organization and segregation. Outside of the lab, I like playing basketball, playing video games and reading.

Eli Schantz

Undergraduate Student

I am an undergraduate student pursuing majors in both Biology and Philosophy. I often say that I’m passionate about biology the same way some people are passionate about art or music – the inherent beauty that not only surrounds us but also sustains us is an incredible mystery with awe-inspiring magnificence and complexity. During my time outside of lab, I serve as an Associate Justice on the IUSA Supreme Court, work as a Representative of the IU Office of Admissions, and enjoy reading, cooking, and watching Netflix Originals.

Mira Suiter

Undergraduate Student

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biology and Psychology and minoring in Chemistry. My work in the lab centers around spontaneous suppressors that rescue mutants deficient in DNA replication. Outside of the lab, I strive to make an impact in my community through work with IU’s student government and Hoosier Hills Food Bank. In my free time, I enjoy cooking with friends and playing the violin.